Mark Moss: San Clemente is a Better Place for Tourists

Lately Mark Moss and his some friends, who had worked with him at Capistrano Beach Funding, visited San Clemente having a goal in their mind to explore the eternal beauty of the city. They stayed in the city for three days and did their best to experience almost everything which they could in that limited time.

They first visited Surfing Heritage Museum. In that museum, they peruse an extensive collection of surfboards and surfing memorabilia. They watched amazing photos and many other kept things. Their visit made them well aware about the history and culture of surfing in San Clemente.

Next, they visited Dana Point located between San Diego and Los Angeles. Dana Point is a well known and popular tourist destination that offers fabulous beaches, great surfing and a large harbor. They spent there couple of hours, as they find the place full of obsession.

The third destination visited by them was Laguna Beach. There, they enjoyed art galleries, fabulous dining, pristine beaches…

They visited many malls and street markets for purchasing. The street market of the city is really outstanding, where one can buy local arts and crafts products of the city to carry as souvenir.  Everyone purchased something or the other from there to take their home.

Their experience with night life and clubs was amazing, as they find the same rejuvenating.

After the tour Mark Moss and his friends called San Clemente a better place for tourists.

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