Mark Moss from San Clemente’s Screenplay Ideas

If you want to become a screenplay writer, I Mark Moss from San Clemente, would warmly welcome you here with a promise that you would get some great facts about screenplay writing. So read on…

 What Screenplay Exactly Means:

 A screenplay is a blueprint for a movie. Generally, the screenplay is based on the story of a novel, drama, true story, or imagination. A good screenplay consist of two main characters: one determined to achieve a goal and another one to stop him to do so.

 Elements of a Solid Screenplay:

 1- Scene Heading

 2- Action

 3- Character

 4- Dialogue

 5- Parenthetical

 6- Extension

 7- Transition

 Points Must Be Kept Into Serious Consideration During Writing a Screenplay:

 1- Extensive Research about story and their characters

 2- Name of your characters

 3- The leading character i.e. Hero

 4- Villain

 5- Building up their characters

 6- Giving them a specific way of presentation

 7- Avoiding stereotypes characters and story

 By keeping these simple points into your consideration, you can prepare a great screenplay that will impress producers and will help you to establish yourself as a screenplay writer.

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